Livingston Grounds Green.png

Who really wants to be indoors anyway? The true treasure of the club is the outdoors that come with it.
On 5 acres behind the house you will find 600 feet of private river front, a beach from where you can launch our canoe or enter a swimming hole, a field of wild flowers and a forest made accessible through a series of trails.  

We couldn't help ourselves making nature that little bit more enticing with the addition of a few luxuries. We added two fire pits with cooking facilities, a dining table for up to 25 people, a secluded wood fired sauna, Adirondacks chairs, and all the lawn games you could wish for. 

Livingston Lodge Logo - Square Dark Green.png

If we must endure the indoors this is where you’ll find us. Knotted wood walls, the light scent of linseed oil, brass fixtures and fittings, a hidden speakeasy, and all pieced together with wood reclaimed from the properties original flower shop. A historic space that is our homage to the Fly Fishing Clubs of old. Made social and comfortable with the help of a commercial cooking range, a bar flowing Catskill brewery’s liquid gold, two full bathrooms, library, master bedroom and dining table for ten.

Livingston Loft Green.png

Inspired by the fishing cabins of the Swedish archipelago - a bright fresh space with white washed wood paneled walls, a high vaulted ceilings, bold print fabrics, and cosy nooks. A small, functional kitchen complements a large open plan living space leading to two queen bedrooms, sleeping loft, a camp inspired bunkbed room and a mint green bathroom complete with claw foot tub and a tropical house plants.

Livingston Tents Green.png

A cosy, eclectic summer cottage and home to some of our proudest second hand treasures. The ground floor hosts a handsome deck for dreaming away the summer afternoons, a charming living room with widows on three sides, small kitchen and full bathroom. Up stairs hosts two small but charming full sized bedrooms, and one queen bedroom with writing desk for budding authors.

Livingston Tents Green.png

Long before fly fishermen, the original stewards of the Willowemoc were the Lenape Tribe, migrating from the Catskill Mountains to the Delaware River. These nomadic dwellings are our tribute to them. The 25 ft Tipi is made a little more social with the addition of a wood burning stove imported from northern Sweden, and enough rugs to fill a moroccan souk.

Our second canvas projects were inspired by the glory days of exploration, and the legend of David Livingstone. A pair of wall tents appointed with all the luxuries required by the modern day, and traditional, explorer. Soft linens, mosquito net, binoculars, a net for catching butterflies, a cooler box to preserve the ice for your gin and tonic….