“When you want an entire weekend of cooking fresh-caught trout and relaxing with friends in nature, I can’t think of anywhere better.”

- goop

“what they've created has blossomed organically and rustically to near perfection.”

- STAY WILD magazine

“Imagine your dream weekend in the Catskills”

- DVEIGHT Magazine

"A boutique hotel-meets-curated wild weekend escape”


“It feels different, otherworldly, a true retreat.”

- Field Magazine

“Fishing just got a whole helluva lot more interesting.”

- InsideHook

“It's far more then a fly fishing club. It’s the ultimate summer destination weekend you and your friends need to book ASAP.”

- Guest of a Guest

“To say that these retreats at Livingston are appealing would be an understatement.”

- Hudson Valley Magazine

“For a new generation of affluent mobile workers, luxury looks more like Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club (LMFFC)”

- Skift.

“Despite it's quirky name, this is anything but a stuffy old mens club; fishing happens here, but it's a means to relax and connect - both with the environment and each other”

- Oryx, Qatar Airways Inflight Magazine