Currently we do no not accept any new members, however leave your information below and we will contact you when we open up for new members again.

Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club was created by a group of friends with a yearning for nature, a willingness to experiment, create, build, and explore, and desire to share the process and results of that with like minded people. The result of this continues to surprise and delight us, almost as much as it continues to evolve and grow.

We hasten to stress that this is not a traditional fly fishing club. Fishing is of course a part of what we do (it’s our preferred method to slow down and appreciate nature), but it’s far from the only thing we do and not even what we do best. Our strength lies in our community, our experiences, and the creation of spaces where people can play, experiment and create. Accordingly we have geared our membership towards these elements, rather than towards the typical benefits of a traditional fly fishing club, and in doing so endeavoured to keep membership as affordable and inclusive as possible.



cost of membership; $300 per annum including the below:


We attach almost as much importance to looking part of the club as we do to actually being part of the club.

Every new member will be adorned with:
1 x limited edition LMFFC Members Cap
1 x LMFFC Badge & Annual membership badge
1 x Limited Edition LMFFC x The Outside Institute FieldGuide


It’s more a frequent fisher program than a frequent flyer program, but in the same vein every member gets 10% discount on:

Events and all Weekend Experiences & full property rentals


As a member you’ll be able to book up to two rooms* outside of programmed events all days of the week for a rate of between $120 - $220 per room per night (max occupancy 2 per room – rates depending on room, season and day of the week). This is a privilege exclusive to club members, and you will have access to a dedicated email for booking. *bring non members, based on availability.


Never miss a weekend in the woods. Priority on Events and Weekend Experiences through advance bookings.


Every once in a while it’s worth kicking back, celebrating and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We’ll be programing these weekends twice a year starting in 2019 to include fishing, riverfront activities, communal dinners, live music, and guest programming from local experts and storytellers. These weekends are chosen to coincide with some of the most beautiful and fun moments in the Catskills – we want to share them with you. Free of charge (excluding accommodation)

Includes activities, dinners, wine, beer and guaranteed good times. Accommodation provided by the club at member rates or through partner properties.

First come first serve.


Our magical slice of the Catskills is built on the sweat, laughter, trout, beer and cooperation of our community of amateur builders, makers and creators. As a club member you’ll be able to join us, get your hands dirty, and help create the spaces and places we all enjoy so much.

Free accommodation, beer and food included, all we ask in return is a little hard labor.

Activities include building big things, making things, painting ugly things, burning unwanted things, and drinking things (beer)

First come first serve


Our weekend experiences are a showcase for the club, the Catskills, and an opportunity to introduce even the most urbanized individuals to the rhythm of the river and all it’s inhabitants. Bringing this to life requires a helping hand from like minded individuals – and while they are often a fair amount of work, they are also a decent amount of fun.

Free accommodation, beer and food included

Typical tasks include fire making, cooking, guiding, cleaning, serving food and drinks and general hosting

Available on a case by case basis and first come first serve.


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