For decades fly fishing has been an excuse for adventurous men and women to escape into nature, and find peace and connection at a slower pace. To master it requires one to develop a deep understanding and appreciation the natural environment, the seasons, the river, and all it’s inhabitants.

Livingston Manor Fly Fishing club lies on the banks of the Willowemoc, the birthplace of fly fishing in America. It’s built on the purest principles of fly fishing, but here, the waders are optional. We encourage our members to engage in conversations made with tongues and not thumbs; to get their physical exercise in the great outdoors rather than on basement floors; and to celebrate the farmer as much as the farm to table restauranteur. It’s a place to slow down. To connect with nature. To connect with one another in a more meaningful way. Sometimes even while fishing. But no pressure.

The club sits on two lovingly restored houses in the heart of the quaint town of Livingston Manor, and extends to five acre riverfront estate. The property has been designed to melt the comforts of home with the beauty of nature and encourage those that stay there to relax, explore, get inspired, and immerse themselves in this magical environment.

Memberships opening spring 2018.

Available for private rentals, photo and film shoots, and branded events from 2017.

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Just over a year ago we were just three city folk craving an escape from cramped apartments and concrete who stumbled upon (read, scoured much of upstate NY and almost all of the internet for about a year) two semi-abandoned houses abounding five acres of land fronting the Willowemoc Creek. We knew almost nothing when we started, but with some imagination, the help from our friends and the local community we found that almost any challenge and unforeseen problem became fun to solve. Today we have two clubhouses filled with character, and a riverfront engineered to accentuate the magic of the outdoors. The credits to friends who donated furniture, inspired our concepts, and helped us build are too long to list. But it felt like we created a club by accident. From there, the fly fishing connection seemed very natural. 

Fly fishing is part of what brought us to the Catskills in the first place (we’ve been waving rods and scaring fish on the Willowemoc for years) and embedded in the soul of Livingston Manor. What’s more, when you peel back the gore-tex waders, the tweed, and the occasional elitism; Fly Fishing at its core is about finding your own pace and rhythm while truly connecting with nature. Pure meditation for us, and a sentiment we felt many more people could benefit from, regardless of whether or not they share our interest in one of the least efficient ways of catching fish.

So for now we're hosting our extended network and beyond to test many different ways of letting them join us in our zen seeking endeavor. We’re opening up for hosted weekends, communal dinners on the river, talks in our tipi, photoshoots, builders days for those that crave a little manual labor, and of course the occasional fly fishing lesson or full expedition.

In fact we’re learning and evolving so much that we haven’t quite defined exactly what our formal membership program will look like. But it feels like we’re getting close. And it’s going to be equally as interesting for those that fish as those that don’t.

We cater to more than just the trout and our members. Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club is available for private rentals. Private events, a special retreat for you and your friends, photo shoots, weddings, brand experiences. Please contact us for details.